"Call of the wild" talk series
by Damon Ramsey

A series of fun & interactive public lectures by biologist guide Damon Ramsey explaining the sounds of nature and wildlife, with some vocals and rude sound effects by Amazon Blue.

"Sounds of the Sunshine Coast suburbs"

The incredible sounds of our local fauna. Includes the ear-piercing cicadas, burping pobblebonks, and caroling butcherbirds. And why you should marry someone with a high pitched voice!

This talk was held on 4th November 2020...awww...you should have been there!

"Call of the Kimberley Coast"

The amazing sounds of the remote Kimberley coast, north-west Australia. Hear the dawn chorus, if you get up early enough. The Kookaburra that doesn't laugh, but sounds like a monkey. Breeding seabirds such as 'wide-awake' terns.  And hear the humpbacks, the largest breeding population in the world. This is the next talk. 

"Call of the coral reefs" - the sounds of the Great Barrier Reef

Sound travels even better underwater than over land. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world...is it the loudest? Drummers, croakers, and coral crunchers.

"Sounds of the shore" - sounds across the top end coast of Australia

Includes surf, sighing she-oaks, snapping shrimps, turtles, and terns. 

"Sounds of the wild wet tropics" - the north-east rainforest

The complex calls of the rainforest along the Australian east coast. The frogs that sounds like a mobile phone and the screaming birds of paradise, all in Australia's north-eastern rainforest.

"Sounds of the Centre"

The subtle sounds of the arid centre of Australia. Strange but evocative sounds such as the 'rusty wheel' bird and galahs.

"Sounds of the south-east rainforest" - the rainforest of the Border Ranges & Lamington

The complex calls of the rainforest along the Australian east coast, including the bird that calls like a cat, as well as the greatest songbird in the world, all in Australia's rainforest.

"Sounds of the south-west"

Endemic species, endemic sounds heard nowhere else. The south-west corner of Australia.

"Sounds of the Bush"

The sounds of gum leaves, kookaburras, koalas and kangaroos in our eucalyptus woodlands

"Sounds of Thailand"

The amazing sounds of exotic Thailand. Hear the ear-drum damaging cicadas, crunchy crickets, tokay geckos, gibbons, and rumbling elephants. And lots of fart noises!

"Sounds on safari" - the sounds of African savanna

From roaring lions to squeaking mousebirds!

"Sounds of South America"

The calls of the Neotropical jungle, the most diverse rainforest in the world!

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