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"Call of the wild" talk series
by Damon Ramsey

A series of fun & interactive public lectures by biologist guide Damon Ramsey explaining the sounds of nature and wildlife...

"Sounds of the Sunshine Coast"

The incredible sounds of our local fauna. Includes the ear-piercing cicadas, burping pobblebonks, and caroling butcherbirds. And why you should marry someone with a high pitched voice!

This talk was held on 4th November should have been there!

"Sounds of Thailand"

The amazing sounds of exotic Thailand. Hear the ear-drum damaging cicadas, crunchy crickets, tokay geckos, gibbons, and rumbling elephants. And lots of fart noises!

This is the next talk. It will be held in December 2020, at a Thai restaurant, TBA

"Sounds of the sea"

Sound travels even better underwater than over land. Drummers and croakers, coral crunchers, and humpback whales. 

This talk may be given at an aquarium?

"Sounds of the shore"

Includes surf, sighing she-oaks, snapping shrimps, turtles, and terns. It would be nice to hold this talk at a surf club.

Other talks...

"Sound of the bush". The sounds of gum leaves, kookaburras, koalas and kangaroos in our eucalyptus woodlands

"Sounds of the forest". The frogs that sounds like a mobile phone, the birds of paradise, and the greatest songbird in the world, all in Australia's rainforest

Can't go travelling until everything settles down? Here I am doing a virtual guided walk for Noble Caledonia, and here I am doing other virtual guided walks...