AFROTROPICAL Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest


Order Arecales

Family Arecaceae: Palms

Elaeis guineensis, 'African Oil Palm'. Taken from tropical African forests and swamps, and planted throughout tropics of the world for it's oil. 

Order Zingiberales

Family Musaceae: Bananas

Ensete ventricosum, 'False (African) Banana', (Ruboni Camp, Uganda).

Order Santales

Family Loranthaceae & Santalaceae (and Viscaceae)

'Mistletoe' (Rwenzori, Uganda).

Order Lamiales

Family Bignoniaceae

Kigelia 'Sausage Tree' (Rwenzori, Uganda).


This genus contains only one species.

Spathodea campanulata, 'African Tulip Oak' (Rwenzori, Uganda). Neither an oak nor obviously a tulip. Large red flowers. Found in west, central and east Africa. This species had been introduced widely throughout the other tropics of the world, but is often considered a major weed. 

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