Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest
(Asian Rainforest)

The tropical rainforest of Asia is the second most diverse in the world, but it is being cleared rapidly...


Rainforest is the dominating natural vegetation type in much of tropical Asia, especially before humans began to develop the region. It ranges over a huge area; from Bali, then west through Java, Sumatra, north into Borneo, peninsula Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and up into southern China, then west into India and Sri Lanka. Within that large zone it obviously varies in plant and animal composition, particularly with many of the spots being separated by ocean in our current interglacial.

Additionally, within that moist forest, there is variation in altitude which results in many vegetation communities, from steamy lowland jungle on the coast, to stunted cloud forest in the mountains.

Plants in Asian rainforest

Reptiles in Asian tropical rainforest

Birds in Asian tropical rainforest

Mammals in Asian tropical rainforest

Places to see Asian tropical rainforest

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