INDO-MALAYAN Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest

The mammals of the south-east Asian and Indian rainforests. This order follows (2006) McDonald's "The Encyclopaedia of Mammals".

Family Cynocephalidae

Cynocephalus volans, 'Philippine Flying Lemur' 'Kagwang' (Bohol, Philippines).

Family Elephantidae

Order Scandentia, 'Tree Shrews'

The tree shrews make up their own order. They were once lumped in with the Insectivora, and they look like a squirrel, but they are now considered more closely related to primates.

Tree-shrew, (Baan Maka Lodge, Thailand).

Order Primates

Family Tarsiidae: 'Tarsiers'

Carlito syrichta, 'Philippine Tarsier', (Bohol, Philippines). Found in the south-eastern Philippines.

Family Cercopithecidae, 'Old World Monkeys'

The Old World monkeys are found across Africa and Asia. 

Presbytis thomasi, 'Thomas Leaf Monkey/Langur' is endemic to Sumatra (Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, Indonesia).

'Thomas Leaf Monkey/Langur' close up of striking markings on the face  (Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, Indonesia).

'Long-tailed Macaque' mother and young (Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia).

Macaca assamensis, 'Assamese Macaque'. (Jigme Dorji, Bhutan).

'Proboscis Monkey'. Endemic to the rainforests and swamp forests of Borneo.

Semnopithecus vetulus, 'Purple-faced Langur/Leaf Monkey'. Endemic to the forests of Sri-Lanka. There are several sub-species, and pictured is the higher altitude living 'shaggier' monticola (Horton Plains, Sri Lanka).

Family Hylobatidae, Gibbons

Gibbons are restricted to tropical Asia. They are often known as 'lesser apes'. They have distinctively long arms, which they use to swing through the canopy in a movement called brachiation

'Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon’, northern subspecies (Jahoo, Cambodia).

'Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon’, northern subspecies, (Jahoo, Cambodia).

Hylobates lar, 'White-haded Gibbon' Sumatran subspecies vestitus, (Bukit Lawang, Indonesia).

Family Hominidae: Apes

Pongo abelli, ‘Sumatran Orangutan’. Close up of face. Restricted to the island of Sumatra, and within that island, tend to be found more in the north. Different species from the one found in Borneo, although they look pretty similar (Bukit Lawang).

Pongo abelli, ‘Sumatran Orangutan’ mother and young (Bukit Lawang, Indonesia).

Order Rodentia

Family  Sciuridae, Squirrels

Callosciurus finlaysonii, 'Variable Squirrel', This local variation Callosciurus finlaysonii annellatus, is mainly rufous, with a distinct white band at the base of its tail (Angkor Wat, Cambodia).

Callosciurus canicepsGrey-bellied Squirrel (Baan Maka Lodge, Thailand).

Callosciurus erythraeus, 'Pallas's Squirrel'. (Khao Sok National Park, Thailand).

Dremomys lokriah, 'Orange-bellied Himalayan Squirrel'. Despite the common name, doesn't always have a particularly bright orange belly (Jigme Dorji, Bhutan).

Tamiops mcclellandii, 'Himalayan Striped Squirrel'. Small, cute and very hyperactive. (Jigme Dorji, Bhutan).

Funambulus palmarum, 'Indian Palm squirrel' or 'Three-striped Palm Squirrel', (Kithugala, Sri Lanka).

Funambulus palmarum, 'Layard's Palm squirrel' or 'Flame-striped Jungle Squirrel', (Kithugala, Sri Lanka).

Ratufa bicolor'Giant Black Squirrel'. There are many variations in colour with this widespread species (Bali Barat, Indonesia).

Ratufa bicolor'Giant Black Squirrel'. (Kithugala, Sri Lanka).

Order Chiroptera, Bats

Family  Pteropodidae, Fling Fox and Fruit Bats

Pteropus lylei, 'Lyle's Flying Fox' (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Order Cetartiodactyla, includes 'Even-toed hoofed mammals'

Order Perissodactyla, Odd-toed Ungulates

Order Carnivora

Family Viverridae, Civets

Arctictis binturong, 'Binturong' (Jahoo, Cambodia).

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