Ecosystem Guides

I have published various books and manuals through Ecosystem Guides. The main series are the "Ecosystem Guides" and are ongoing... 

the "Ecosystem Guides" series

The Ecosystem Guides books are a continuing series of 'ecosystem-based' field guides for the natural history of a specific ecosystem in a particular region.

what titles are in the series?

The first one was the 1st edition of the Rainforest of tropical Australia.

The second book was the expanded 2nd edition of this same first title. The (very late!) 3rd edition will be released some time in the future. An electronic version will be available before that, soon!

The second title in the series was: Ocean Surfaces of Australasia 

The third title in the series was: Tropical Seashores of Australia 

Other forthcoming titles will (hopefully) include:

"Southern Oceans", "Coral Reefs of tropical Indo-Pacific", "Savanna of northern Australia", "Tropical rainforest of South-east Asia", "Tropical rainforest of Australasia" (Australia and New Guinea) and others...

what format are the books?

The books started off as A4 desktop published manuals produced in-house for tour guides. They then became field guide like books, slightly less than an A5 in size (fold a typical sheet of paper - which is A4, in half, to get an idea), but the thickness varies. For example, the second edition of "Rainforest of tropical Australia" is about 470 pages, while "Ocean Surfaces of Australasia" is less than 200 pages.

For the next editions and titles published from 2017, there will be major differences. They will be A4 'landscape' in size. They will be image based. There will be many photographs on species or groups, and photographs that illustrate a feature or behaviour. The text will be directly connected to the image. The books will be thinner, no more than 200 pages. 

In terms of the organization inside, I have designed all of them to follow a similar and consistent order. The books usually begin with the basics of the physical environment, such as the climate and geology. Much of the book is then taken up with reviewing the major groups of organisms that are typical of that particular ecosystem in that area, from the simplest plants, through the diversity of invertebrates, to the birds and mammals, with a focus on the species that are most commonly seen. 

what is the market of the books?

The Ecosystem Guides are designed for for tour guides, eco-tourists and interested locals.

where can I buy these books?

I sell the books of 'Tropical Seashores' and 'Ocean surfaces' on the ships I work on, and through contacting me online via this website. However, electronic versions will soon be available on this website and Amazon.

the author laying down on the job!. Trying to get a photograph of a Great Bowerbird bower (Jamie Anderson).

other information...

Copies of these books are regularly donated to appropriate environmental, educational and ecotourism organisations in the region.