Jigme Dorji National Park

This is the second largest national park in Bhutan and has some beautiful broadleaf forest and birds...

my experience

I visited this area for half a day in the northern summer of 2019.

the main road through the forest where you can spot wildlife


While walking along the road and being eye-level with the forest, there are some arboreal mammals to watch out for...

the cute and hyperactive Himalayan Striped Squirrel
the 'Orange-bellied Himalayan Squirrel' doesn't always have an obvious orange belly.
Assamese Macaque


And for the same reason, there are birds to be seen, especially in the morning before the heat sets in...

the name 'Barred Cuckoo-Dove' doesn't do this beautiful pigeon justice, with it's iridescent blue-green neck.
Indian Roller
Grey Treepie
Striated Laughing Thrush
White-throated Scimitar Babbler
Small Nitava
White-throated Bulbul
Maroon Oriole

Other great birds I saw but did not get very good photographs of included Great Barbet.


And the lower in altitude, the bigger the butterflies... 

Peacock Butterfly

For more places to see wildlife in Bhutan. For more high altitude wildlife, check out Chelala Pass.