Labuk Bay
Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary


personal experience...

I have been lucky enough to visit here a number of times with the now defunct Orion Expeditions.

a male Proboscis Monkey, feeding station, Borneo. (image by Damon Ramsey, Proboscis Monkey have big noses


It is only a small piece of land, with the main habitat being mangroves.

the star of the show...the proboscis monkeys

This is a great place for photographing Proboscis Monkeys close up. Proboscis monkeys come into feed regularly at the various feeding stations, which have large viewing platforms.  It is also good for watching their behaviours, particularly the dominant males.

a male proboscis monkey

You can also see the females, (the ones with the cute upturned noses) and their differently coloured young.

female proboscis monkey and her young

There are other visitors, too, including other primates, such as macaques and silver leaf monkeys.

portrait of a monkey

 I have seen hornbills and flying paradise tree snakes.

the beautiful paradise flying snake


It is located just outside of Sandakan, and day tours can visit the site.

There website is: