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AUSTRALASIAN Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest

The reptiles of the rainforest in tropical Australia, New Guinea and the surrounding islands...

Family Varanidae: Monitor Lizards

Varanus indica, 'Mangrove Monitor', Western Pacific Monitor Lizard', (Marovoa Lagoon, Solomon Islands). Large distribution from Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, up to Micronesia. They may have been able to disperse this far due to their salt-excreting nasal glands, which only one other monitor has.

Family Agamidae: Dragons

Intelligama lesueurii, 'Eastern (Australian) Water Dragon'. Found in forests, particularly along river, in eastern Australia. If alarmed, they jump into water and swim away; they can rest on the bottom underwater for up to a hour and a half. They are also becoming common in suburbs of northern NSW and south-east Queensland, where they end up in people's pools and backyard ponds. 

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Throughout the virus I am working in Australia on and off as local borders close, mostly in the Kimberley with Coral Expeditions (May-September). If you can't go travelling until everything settles down, then until then, here I am doing online guided walks for Noble Caledonia and online lectures for Silversea.