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Temperate Forest & Woodlands

Euploea core, 'Common Crow Butterfly' (image by Damon Ramsey)(south-east Queensland)

Euploea core, 'Common Crow Butterfly'. One of the more common butterflies in Australia. Found in many wetter habitats across the eastern and northern parts of the continent and up into tropical Asia.

Tirumala hamata, 'Dark Blue Tiger Butterfly' (image by Damon Ramsey)(south-east Queensland)

Tirumala hamata, 'Dark Blue Tiger Butterfly'. Found in wetter parts of Australia and into tropical Pacific islands and north into tropical Asia.

Cryptocheilus spp., 'Spider Wasp'.(Emerald)

Cryptocheilus spp., 'Spider Wasp'. Known to kill even large spiders like Huntsman.

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Throughout the virus I am working in Australia on and off as local borders close, mostly in the Kimberley with Coral Expeditions (May-September). If you can't go travelling until everything settles down, then until then, here I am doing online guided walks for Noble Caledonia and online lectures for Silversea.