Amphibians and Reptiles
AFROTROPICAL Freshwater (Rivers, Lakes & Wetlands)

Class Amphibia

Order Anura: Frogs

Family Hyperoliidae: 'Sedge Frogs', 'Bush Frogs', and 'Reed Frogs'

There are over 250 species in 19 genera in this family. They are found mostly across sub-Saharan Africa, with one genus found in neighbouring Madagascar.

Hyperolius spp., 'African Reed Frogs'

(Viavia, Entebbe, Uganda)

A large genus of some 150 species found across sub-Saharan African. Many are generally small frogs with a plain brown or green background, but there are some species with more striking patterns - I just haven't seen 'em yet!.

Class Reptilia

Family Crocodylidae

(Mburo Lake, Uganda)

Crocodylus niloticus, 'Nile Crocodile'. spend much of their time semi-submerged in the water, from where they hunt their prey.

To warm up their body, they bask near the water's edge. To cool down, they slip into the water. Or have a refreshing cold beer.

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