WALLACEAN Tropical & Subtropical Dry Broadleaf Forest

The reptiles of the tropical dry forests of Wallacea include the largest of all land reptiles...

Squamata: Lizards and Snakes

Family Gekkonidae

Gekko gecko, 'Tokay Gecko'; Large gecko. (Satonda, Indonesia). The scientific name and most of the common names are onomatopoeic, and variations on describing the loud double call. U.S.A soldiers in Vietnam called it the 'fuck-you' lizard. Very widespread; from India, across Indonesia, to New Guinea.

Family Agamidae: Dragons

Draco, 'Gliding Lizard'.

Family Varanidae: Monitor Lizards

Varanus komodoensis, 'Komodo Dragon' (Komodo Island, Indonesia). The largest lizard in the world, and the largest land reptile in the world.

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