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The mammals of the rich Subantarctic oceans include fur-seals, sea-lions, elephant-seals, whales and dolphins...!

Pinnipeds: Seals

True Seals

Cetaceans: Whales & Dolphins

whale blow

Odontoceti: Toothed whales

Commerson's Dolphin (Image by Damon Ramsey)Commerson's Dolphin (Saunders Island, Falklands)

Cephalorhynchus commersonii, 'Commerson's Dolphin'.

Mysticeti: Baleen Whales

(Scotia Sea)

Balaenoptera physalus, 'Fin Whale'. Very long whale, with small curved fin set very far back.

Megaptera novaeangliaeHumpback Whale 'hump back' and fin.

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