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NEOTROPICAL Tropical Moist Broadleaf Forest

The birds of the rainforest of tropical South America and Central America...

Order Tinamiformes

This order only contains the Tinamous. They are related to the rheas and other ratites. There are some 46 species, and they are only found in Central and South America.

Family Tinamidae: Tinamous

a Tinamou in Peru! (Villa Carmen Lodge, Peru).


Family Anatidae: Ducks, Geese, Swans

Merganetta armata, 'Torrent Duck'.(Aguas Caliente, Peru)

Merganetta armata, 'Torrent Duck'. An unusual duck that has adapted to swimming and diving through the waters of fast flowing rivers. Distributed all the Andes. 

'Torrent Duck' female, (Aguas Caliente, Peru). 

Family Cracidae: including Guans, Curassows, and Chachalaca 

Chaemaepetes goudoitii, 'Sickle-winged Guan'. Dark brown and rusty coloured Guan with blue face. Found in the subtropical rainforests of the slopes of eastern and western Andes.

Ortalis guttata, 'Speckled Chachalaca'(Amazonia Lodge, Peru)

Ortalis guttata, 'Speckled Chachalaca'.

(Rio Botanical gardens)

Penelope obscura, 'Dusky-legged Guan'. Disjunct populations: found in and around rainforest in the Andes and the Atlantic forest.

(Manu Paradise Lodge, Ecuador)

Penelope jacquacu, 'Spix's Guan'. Found in rainforest and edge in northern South America, particularly around Andes foothills. 

(Villa Carmen Lodge, Peru)

Pipile cumanensis, 'Blue-throated Piping Guan'. Closely related and perhaps the same species as Pipile pipile, 'Trinidad Piping Guan'. 

Family Columbidae : Doves & Pigeons

Patagioenas spp.

Patagioenas spp. (Manus road, Peru).

Zentrygon spp.

Zentrygon frenata, 'White-throated Quail-Dove' (Tandayapa, Ecuador). Found in mountain rainforest along the Andes. 

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