NEOTROPICAL Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest

Order Anura: 'Frogs'

Frog eyes in Amazon (image by Damon Ramsey)

Frogs are amphibians without tails. And with those big eyes and floppy limbs and no teeth, they are so cute!

Family Hylidae: 'Tree Frogs' and allies

Yarina Lodge, Ecuador

These are the classic tree frogs. As the name suggests, they are often found calling or climbing on branches in trees or bushes. Much of their morphology reflects this lifestyle; they are often green in colour, with long limbs for jumping, and large bulging eyes for judging distances. It is a large and widespread family across the tropics and warmer parts of the world, and they are split into several different sub-families that are sometimes treated at their own families, such as...

Boana spp. 'Gladiator Tree Frogs'


The species in this genus were previously included in Hyla

frog-stained-boana-yarina(Yarina, Rio Napo, Ecuador)

Probably Boana maculateralis, 'Stained Tree Frog'.

(Sub) Family Phyllomedusidae: 'Leaf Frogs' and others

(Yarina, Ecuador)

Phyllomedusa, 'Monkey Frogs'.

Family Bufonidae: '(True) Toads'

Rhinella marina in Amazon(Amazon)

Rhinella marina 'Giant Neotropical Toad', 'Marine Toad'. Large lumpy paratoid glands behind eyes. Has a gentle rolling call like a motorbike or generator in the distance. Usually found more on the edge of the forest. This is the infamous 'Cane Toad' that has been introduced in many tropical areas around the world and subsequently become a major pest, particularly in Australia.

Family Dendrobatidae: 'Poison Arrow/Dart Frogs'

These frogs are usually small but stand out from the rainforest floor as they are often colourful. The poison arrow frogs are, as the common name suggests, toxic to eat. Thus, they walk around th forest floor in the daytime and in the open and not worried about being molested; unless a big human like me comes along. They are found in rainforests & associated habitats, only in South & Central America (although there is a sinmila looking group of frogs in Madagascar).

Poison Arrow Frog(Yarina? Ecuador)

Ameerega bilinguis, 'Ecuador Poison Frog'. Found in rainforests of Ecuador, and possibly Peru. Brick red top, blotchy blue on side, and distinctive yellow spots where limbs join body.

Family Ranidae

To identify...

Frog, Ecuador (image by Damon Ramsey)Frog (Wildsumaco Lodge, Ecuador).

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