NEOTROPICAL Montane Grassland & Shrubland

The mammals of the high altitude grasslands and shrublands of the South American Andes...

Order Cetartiodactyla, includes 'Even-toed hoofed mammals' and Cetaceans

Artiodactyla: Even toed ungulates

Family Camelidae

Lama glama, Llama (Machu Picchu, Peru). This species was domesticated from of the wild Guanaco.

Order Rodentia

Family Chinchillidae

Viscacha look like rabbits, but are not related, and are in fact a type of rodent. 

They have the ears of a bunny and the tail of a squirrel; that makes them cute twice! (Machu Picchu ruins, Peru).

Lagidium peruanum, 'Northern Viscacha' (Machu Picchu, Peru).

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