MADAGASCAN Tropical and Subtropical Dry Broadleaf Forest

The interesting invertebrates of the dry forest, woodlands and grasslands of Madagascar...

Class Arachnida

Class Insecta

Order Phasmatodea, 'Stick Insects'

It must get very confusing for stick insects when they are mating...

Stick Insects mating. (Isalo National Park)

Order Hemiptera 'Bugs'

Family Flatidae

This is a large family that is found around most of the world. They are a type of 'planthopper' that sucks out the phloem from plants. The adults resemble a small tent, but the nymphs are distinctively different, with their tail of waxy filaments making them look like part of the plant. 

'Flatid Planthopper' adults. (Isalo National Park)

Phromnia rosea, 'Flatid Leaf Insect' nymph.

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