bony fish 

A short snorkel on a healthy tropical coral reefs gives you the opportunity to see more vertebrates in a shorter time than any other ecosystem...

Class Osteichthyes, 'Bony Fish'

This is the largest group of vertebrates in the world.

Order Gasterosteiformes /  Syngnathiformes

Family Centriscidae

Aeoliscus strigatus, 'Razorfish' (Panagsama, Philippines).

Order Scorpaeniformes

Family Scorpaenidae

Pterois sp. 'Lionfish' (Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands).

Family Carangidae

Includes the fast and predatory 'Trevally', known as 'Jacks' in the Americas.

Caranx ignobilis, 'Giant Trevally' (Aitutaki Fiji).

Family Serranidae: Groupers, Rock-cods, Anthias 

Cephalopholis argus, 'Peacock Grouper', 'Argus Grouper' (Farquar, Seychelles).

Subfamily Anthiadinae

Anthias (Mangalonga, Solomon Islands).

Family Haemulidae 'Grunts'

Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides, 'Many Spotted Sweetlips', 'Harlequin Sweetlips', juvenile (Panagsama, Philippines). The juvenile of this species impersonates a toxic flatworm.

 Family Lethrinidae 'Emperors', Family Nemipteridae 'Monocle Breams', 

Family Mullidae, 'Goatfish'

Goatfish have barbels that hang down from their 'chin'.

Mulloidichthys vanicolensis, 'Yellowfin Goatfish',  (Aitutaki Fiji).

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Family Pomacentridae, 'Damselfish' including Anemonefish
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Family Labridae: Wrasse

Thalassomma hardwicke, 'Six-Banded/Sixbar Wrasse' (Bali Barat NP, Indonesia).

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Family Chaetodontidae, 'Butterflyfish'
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Family Pomacanthidae, 'Angelfish'

Like Butterflyfish, Angelfish are also rather plate-shaped. However, they are more squarish in profile. 

Centropyge flavissima, 'Lemonpeel Angelfish' (Aitutaki Fiji).

Pygoplites diacanthus , 'Regal Angelfish' (Bali Barat NP, Indonesia).

Family Zanclidae

There is only one species in this family.

Zanclus cornutus, 'Moorish idol' (Kakaban, Indonesia).

Family Acanthuridae, 'Surgeonfish'

Zebrasoma veliferum, 'Sailfin Tang', (Aitutaki Fiji).

Acanthurus triostegus, 'Convict Tang', (Aitutaki Fiji).

Order Tetraodontiformes

Family Balistidae: Triggerfish

Melichthys vidua, 'Pink-tailed Triggerfish'  (Bali Barat NP, Indonesia).

Family Tetraodontidae

Canthigaster valentini, 'Valentin's Sharpnose/Black Saddled Puffer/Toby' (Miyako Island, Japan).

Family Ostraciidae: Boxfish, Cowfish &Trunkfish

Ostracion meleagris, '(White) Spotted Boxfish', (Niue).

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