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The beautiful and diverse butterflyfish...

Family Chaetodontidae, 'Butterflyfish'

Butterflyfish are medium sized fish that are extremely laterally compressed; that is, they have the shape of plate. They are usually dominated by black and yellow colours, but there are many variations. Butterflyfish are usually found in pairs.

This is my favourite group of fish! There are many species to identify, but all are distinct and relatively easy to identify...  

(Aitutaki, Fiji)

Forcipiger flavissimus, 'Long-nosed Butterflyfish'. There is another species called the 'Very Long-nosed Butterflyfish', which has a longer 'nose'. 

(Aitutaki, Fiji)

Chaetodon citrinellus, 'Speckled Butterflyfish'.

(Alphonsa, Seychelles)

Chaetodon xanthocephalus, 'Yellow-headed Butterflyfish'.

(Misool, Indonesia)

Chaetodon octofasciatus, 'Eightband Butterflyfish'.

(Miyako Island, Japan)

Chaetodon lunulatus, 'Oval/Pacific Redfin Butterflyfish'.


Chaetodon reticulatus, 'Reticulated Butterflyfish'.

(Pink Beach, Komodo, Indonesia)

Chaetodon bennetti, 'Eclipse/Blue-lashed Butterflyfish'.

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