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INDO-MALAYAN Tropical Moist Broadleaf Forest
fungi, lichen & moss

The diverse fungi, lichen and moss of tropical Asian rainforest...

Kingdom Fungi

(Kithugala, Sri Lanka)


A lichen as a composite organism; that is, it is two types of life forms living symbiotically to appear as one. It is either an algae or cyanobacteria, living in amongst the filaments of a fungi.

Lichen on bamboo, (image by Damon Ramsey)Lichen on bamboo, (Jahoo, Cambodia)

 A ring of lichen growing on bamboo.

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Throughout the virus I am working in Australia on and off as local borders close, mostly in the Kimberley with Coral Expeditions (May-September). If you can't go travelling until everything settles down, then until then, here I am doing online guided walks for Noble Caledonia and online lectures for Silversea.