INDO-MALAYAN  Tropical & Subtropical Dry (Deciduous) Forest

The mammals of the dry deciduous forests of tropical south east Asia and India...

Family Elephantidae

Order Cetartiodactyla: Even-toed Ungulates and Cetacea

Family Bovidae

Family Cervidae

Axis axis, 'Spotted Deer', 'Chital' Lunugamvehera National Park, Sri Lanka). Distributed across India and surrounding countries.

Order Primates

Family Cercopithecidae, 'Old World Monkeys'

Macaca sinica, 'Toque Macaque', (Bundala, Sri Lanka). Endemic to Sri Lanka.

A young Toque Macaque, (Bundala, Sri Lanka).

Semnopithecus spp. 'Grey Langurs'

These monkeys are long limbed and usually greyish. They are mostly found in the open habitats of India and Sri Lanka.

Semnopithecus priam, 'Tufted Gray Langur', (Bundala, Sri Lanka). Found in south-eastern India and Sri Lanka.

Order Rodentia

Family  Sciuridae, Squirrels

Tamiops rodolphii, 'Cambodian Striped Squirrel' (Kulen Prontemp, Cambodia).

Order Carnivora

Family Felidae

Pathera tigrs, Tiger (Kanha, India).

Panthera pardus, 'Leopard' (Lunugamvehera National Park, Sri Lanka). Has a strange saw-like back and forth roar (that I have heard while hiding in my tent in India). One of the few big cats that still has a wide distribution; this species is found across tropical Africa and Asia.

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