The birds of the freshwater lakes, rivers, ponds, wetlands and rice paddy fields of tropical Asia...

Family Burhinidae: Thick-knees

Esacus recurvirostris, 'Great Thick-knee', (Bundala, Sri Lanka). Widespread in wetland across tropical Asia.

Family Recurvirostridae: Stilts & Avocets

Family Scolopacidae: Sandpipers, Snipes

Family Ciconiidae: Storks

Leptoptilos javanicus, 'Lesser Adjutant Stork' (Bundala, Sri Lanka). Common than the closely related Greater Adjutant, and told apart by this species having more complete black on wing and red on face, and no large red neck lump. 

Anastomus oscitans, 'Asian Openbill Stork', (Bundala, Sri Lanka). The bizarre bill with the gap when closed has evolved to feed specifically on molluscs. 

Family Threskiornithidae: Ibises, Spoonbills

Platalea leucorodia'Eurasian/Common Spoonbill' (Bundala, Sri Lanka).

Family Ardeidae: Herons, Egrets, Bitterns

Ixobrychus sinensis'Yellow/Chinese Little Bittern' (Bundala, Sri Lanka).

Family Acrocephalidae

Acrocephalus stentoreus, 'Clamorous/Indian Reed Warbler'. Found around reed beds on lakes and rivers, from Egypt, east through tropical Asia and south to Australia.

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