AUSTRALASIAN Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest
moths and butterflies

The Lepidoptera moths and butterflies of the tropical Australasian rainforest....  

Order Lepidoptera: Moths and Butterflies

Family Uraniidae

Lyssa Moth (Sepik River, Papua New Guinea).

Family Sphingidae: 'Hawk Moths'

'Hawk Moth' (Papua New Guinea)

Family Papilionidae 'Swallowtail Butterflies'

Ornithoptera euphorion, 'Cairns Birdwing Butterfly' (North Queensland).

Thinking of travelling again after everything settles down? One of the first expeditions I am booked to work on is the NZ sub-Antarctics with Silversea Expeditions and Australia with Coral Expeditions. And here is a shortened version of one of my lectures in a warmer part of the world.