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AUSTRALASIAN Temperate Ocean

The fish of the New Zealand and southern temperate Australian oceans...

Family Serrandiae

Caesioperca lepidoptera, 'Butterfly/Red Perch' (Milford Sound Underwater Observatory, New Zealand). Found in New Zealand and southern Australian waters.

Family Kyphosidae: 'Sea Chubs', 'Drummers'

Kyphosus cornelii, 'Western Buffalo Bream', (Rottnest Island, Australia).

Family Pomacentridae: Damselfish

Pomacentrus milleri, 'Miller's Damselfish' (Rottnest Island). Adults uniformly dark dull, with blueish tinge, darker edged scales and lighter blue on edge of fins. Extends into tropical areas of eastern Indian Ocean, where it is often brighter in colour.

Family Labridae: Wrasses

Pseudolabrus miles, 'Scarlet Wrasse' (Milford Sound Underwater Observatory, New Zealand). Endemic to New Zealand.

Notolabrus fucicola, 'Blue Wrasse', (Milford Sound Underwater Observatory, New Zealand). Found in temperate eastern Australian and New Zealand waters; in the latter region it is the largest wrasse.

Coris auricularis, 'Western King Wrasse', juvenile, (Rottnest Island, Australia). Found along west Australian coast. When at juvenile stage, often works as a cleaner fish.

Family Monacanthidae

 Meuschenia scaber, 'Smooth/Velvet Leatherjacket', (Milford Sound Underwater Observatory, New Zealand).

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