AUSTRALASIAN Temperate Ocean

The birds of the southern Australian and New Zealand temperate oceans...

Order Charadriiformes

Family Laridae: Terns & Gulls

Thalasseus bergii, 'Crested Tern' (Rottnest Island, Australia).

Order Procellariiformes; 'the tubenoses'

This order includes the Albatross, Mollymawks, and all the petrels. 

They are distinguished by their nostrils being enclosed in a tube that runs along the bill.

They include the largest of all flying birds; the Great Albatross reach wingspans of 3.6 metres

Family Procellariidae: Prions, Shearwaters and various Petrels 

Pachyptila vittata, 'Broad-billed Prion' (on board Oceanic Discoverer in New Zealand)

Thinking of travelling again after everything settles down? One of the first expeditions I am booked to work on is the NZ sub-Antarctics with Silversea Expeditions and Australia with Coral Expeditions. And here is a shortened version of one of my lectures in a warmer part of the world.