AUSTRALASIAN Temperate Forest

The unusual and endemic mammals of the Australian temperate forest and woodlands... 


Order Diprotodontia

Family Vombatidae: 'Wombats'

This family includes three species of living wombat.

Vombatus ursinus, 'Common Wombat' (captive).

Family Macropodidae

Setonix brachyurus, 'Quokka', (Rottnest Island, Australia). Endemic to the south west of Australia. Most commonly seen on Rottnest island, where they are habituated to people and hang around the restaurants.

Placental mammals

Order Chiroptera: Bats

Family Pteropodidae: Flying Fox, Fruit bats

Pteropus poliocephalus, 'Grey-headed Flying Fox' (Sydney Botanical Gardens, Australia).

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