AFROTROPICAL Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest
passerine birds

Family Platysteiridae, Wattle-eyes & Batises

Platysteira cyanea'Brown-throated Wattle-Eye', male (Isunga Lodge, Uganda).

Batis capensis, 'Cape Batis' (Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, South Africa). Found in the cooler forests and gardens of southern Africa.

Family Vangidae

Bias musicus, 'Black and White Shrike Flycatcher' (Bigodi, Uganda).

Family Zosteropidae, White-eyes

Sturnidae: Starlings & Mynas

Family Turdidae, Thrushes

Neocossyphus poensis, White-tailed Ant-Thrush (Bigodi, Uganda).

Family Muscicapidae: Old World Flycatchers, Chats

Family Nectariniidae, Sunbirds

Chalcomitra rubescens, 'Green-throated Sunbird' immature (Bigodi, Uganda).

Nectarinia kilimensis, 'Bronze Sunbird' (Isunga Lodge, Uganda).

Cinnyris bouvieri, 'Orange-tufted Sunbird',  (Isunga Lodge, Uganda).

Cinnyris regia, 'Regal Sunbird', (Isunga Lodge, Uganda).

Cinnyris afer, '(Greater?) Double-collared Sunbird', (Garden Route, South Africa). Found on forest edge, and also in coastal scrub and fynbos, in South Africa.

Family Ploceidae, Weavers

 Ploceus nigerrimus, 'Vieillot's Black Weaver'. Found on the edge of the forest (Bigodi, Uganda).

Family Viduidae, Indigobirds & Whydahs

Family Estrildidae, Estrildid Finches

Spermophaga ruficapilla,'Red-headed Bluebill' (Bigodi, Uganda).

Lonchura bicolor, 'Black and White Mannikin'. Found on the edge of moist forest.

Coccopygia melanotis, 'Swee Waxbill' (Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, South Africa).

Motacillidae: Wagtails & Pipits
Fringillidae: Finches, Euphonias

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