of African wetlands

Order Nymphaeles

Family Nymphaeaceae

Nymphea caerulea, 'Water Lily' (Lake Victoria, Uganda).


Order Asparagales

Family Orchidaceae

Lake Victoria, Uganda

Maybe Eulophia calanthe, 'Swamp Orchid'.

Order Poales

Family Cyperaceae

Cyperus papyrus, 'Papyrus'  (Lake Victoria, Uganda).

Order Malpighiales 

Family Euphorbiaceae

Euphorbia candelabrum, (Kazinga Channel, Uganda).

Order Caryophyllales

Family Polygonaceae

Persicaria limbata, 'Knotweed'. Grows with long bamboo like stems. Small pink-red flowers grown from heads at end of twin stems (Lake Victoria, Uganda).

to identify...

(Lake Victoria, Uganda)

(Lake Victoria, Uganda)

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