where to find wildlife in

Uganda has great range of ecosystems and wildlife, from classic African safaris in the savanna, to trekking for gorillas and chimpanzees in the jungle..

personal experience

I explored Uganda on a three week trip in October-November 2019.

renting a car

If you don't want to be on a tour and stuck with other people, and you want to have the freedom to do your own thing when you want and at your own pace, then you might consider hiring a car. It is possible in Uganda, with various companies, including Self Drive Uganda (this is who I used). In the office, Joy can also organize gorilla trekking permits.

Be warned, it is not the sealed roads and nice road stop cafes of South Africa. The roads in Uganda are rough! especially in the wet season, and even the 'main' roads connecting the towns. There is continual road construction and lots of very slow trucks that will drive in the middle of the road and not make it easy to pass safely. But it makes you appreciate the sealed roads when you get on them.

 Finding your way around can be tricky sometimes; Google Maps steered me the wrong way several frustrating times (sometimes the 'shorter way' is not that, and downright dangerous), navigate using old-fashioned maps in conjunction with electronic. The RAV 4 is great, but next time, I might consider a landcruiser, as it has higher clearance for some of the lumps in the road, and the higher seating in the car make finding wildlife easier in the wet season tall grass.

the national parks

Uganda has a good range of national parks that reflect that different habitats. They mostly have a wide array of accommodations, including basic and cheap to luxury, with mostly mid-range lodges; the latter cater to the small group tours. Getting a good lodge is vital of course. The most important aspect of this is location. It is usually preferable to have stay at a place within the national park. However, this also means you have to pay the entry fee every day and you may not be able to walk around much unguided.

Some of the best spots are roads that actually pass through national parks and reserves. 

Places to go...

To see some birds and good primates, there is the community run Bigodi Wetlands.