where to find wildlife in

This is the last continent most people visit. It is the most remote, coldest and unspoiled place on Earth. It is great for penguins and beautful scenery. 

personal experience

I have worked in Antarctica as a lecturer and guide, visiting the Peninsula on an expedition ship, as well as two seasons in the different sub-Antarctic islands.

the area

This is a huge area comprising it's own continent. The most accessible part of Antarctica is the Antarctic peninsula.

There are many sub-Antarctic islands to visit on the way to Antarctica, including South Georgia and the Falklands/Malvinas off South America, Tristan de Cunha in the mid-Atlantic, Macquarie Island off Australia, Auckland Island, and Campbell Island off New Zealand.


 Because it encircles the bottom of the planet, there are various ports from which to depart for Antarctic trips, including the southern parts of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Chile. However, most people leave from Ushuaia in Argentina and head to the Antarctic peninsula.