of African savanna

Birdwatching in the African savanna is easy and very rewarding. The open habitat means the birds are easy to see compared to the closed habitat of rainforest. The diversity of the birds here is high, and repeated trips will reward the visitor with new species. And many of the species are simply beautiful to look at, with stunningly colourful groups such as starlings and sunbirds. 

Family Burhinidae, 'Thick-knees'

Burhinus vermiculatus, 'Water Thick-knee'

Family Ciconiidae, 'Storks'

Ciconis episcopus, 'Woolly-necked Stork' (Enjojo Lodge).


Hornbills are an old world tropical group, found in Africa and Asia, and extending to the Solomon Islands in the east. They are large birds with huge bills, the ecological and morphological equivalent to the new world tropical Toucans.

'Crowned Hornbill' (Enjojo Lodge)



Babblers often hang out in noisy 'gangs'.  

'Arrow-marked Babbler' Turdoides. The bright-eyed adult on the left, the darker eyed juvenile on the right (Enjojo Lodge).



Lamprotornis corruscus, 'Ruppell's Long-tailed Starling'. Large and striking. Common and seems comfortable near roads and lodges. 


Family Ploecidae, including Weavers, Widowbirds 

The breeding males of Widowbirds have long black tails. 

Euplectes ardens, 'Red-collared Widowbird' (Enjojo Lodge)