Wayqecha Lodge,

personal experience

I visited this lodge in late 2017.

the lodge 

This lodge is one of three run by the Amazon Conservation Association. The other two are Villa Carmen and Los Amigos, the former of which I visited. As with the other station, the service and food here is great.

You can pay extra and get a very nice and large room by yourself, or for about half the price you can stay in dorms. This is a pretty quiet station, so you may find yourself in the shared rooms by yourself, but the private cabins have great views and you can spread your stuff out.

walks and wildlife

There is a variety of walks based around a loop from the station that go down the slope. But as with many lodges, some of the best bird views are just around the grounds, or walking along the road. They do lock the entrance, so you might have to ring the bell a lot to get back in. 

Of the highlights is the canopy walkway. This is located few kilometres up the road. You might have to arrange access with the guys running the lodge. Apart from the ocassional group dropping by, you may have the place to yourself. It is a half an hour walk from the entry gate, and a dramatic, high and swinging experience.


Access is via the Manu road from Cusco. This is one of the first lodges (if not the first) on the Manu road after the Manu sign. You could jump on a public bus heading from Cusco to the Amazon. I booked a private car from Cusco through the (ACA) Amazon Conservation Association, the same group that runs the lodge itself.