Tubenoses: Mollymawk Albatross

The 'Mollymawk' Albatross are in the genus Thalassarche. They are smaller than the Great Diomedea Albatross. Unlike the latter birds, the Mollymawks have a dark back. The different species in the genus can usually be distinguished from each other by their slightly different coloured bills.

Black-browed Mollymawk, view of upperside

Black-browed Mollymawk, view of underside

Tubenoses: Giant Petrels

Southern Giant Petrel

Tubenoses: Prions

Pachyptila belcheri, 'Slender-billed Prion' (between Ushuaia and Falklands). Long thin bill, large white eyebrow.

Pachyptila desolata'Antarctic Prion' (Scotia Sea).

Tubenoses: Storm Petrels

Wilsons Storm Petrel